Memorial Day Weekend Car Accident MN Lawyers


State traffic safety officials report Minnesota had the deadliest Memorial Day weekend in a decade last year. According to the Department of Public Safety, there were eight fatalities in six crashes over the holiday weekend. That was the most since 2010, when nine motorists were killed during the same period. Every one of these crashes was an unnecessary tragedy, forever changing the lives of the surviving families. Of course, there were also many more injury accidents.

Memorial Day weekend is a time when families gather to start the summer. Of course, everyone is excited to get where they are going. However, too many people take irresponsible risks. Engaging in risky driving is not just a decision that effects the driver, it effects everyone else on the road as well.

Car Accident Injury Lawyer MN
Car Accident Injury Lawyer MN

The uptick in fatal crashes came as Minnesota traffic counts increased with more vehicles on the road. Last year, as the roads emptied due to the Corona Virus, state authorities detected an increase in speeding motorists. That has apparently continued this year. Speeding is a major factor in MN car accidents, along with distracted driving.  Law enforcement has been cracking down more and more on speeders, but it continues to be a problem.

To make matters worse, people continue to be distracted while driving their cars. They may be texting or using their phones, or the vehicle’s entertainment system. Unfortunately, taking your eyes off the road for even a moment can result in a crash. Particularly because it usually not just a moment. The combination of speeding and distracted driving can be deadly.


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