Hunting Accident Insurance


Shot In Hunting Accident
Shot in Hunting Accident

Hunting in Minnesota is a very popular sport. In our own family, we have generations of hunters that love to go out together every year. Everyone understands the importance of safety while hunting.  Nonetheless, accidents can happen.

Our lawyers have worked on a number of hunting accident cases. The first thought is someone accidentally shot while hunting.  This does happen, and we have had several of those cases. However, our attorneys have represented people in a variety of other hunting accident cases as well. We had a gas explosion case from the heater in a camper. There have been several cases involving a defective deer stand. ATV accidents on hunting land are a risk, as is hitting a deer with your car.

In most cases, there is insurance coverage for a hunting accident injury. Even if you are shot in a hunting accident, the shooter’s homeowners insurance may provide coverage. Homeowners insurance covers personal liability regardless of whether the accident occurs at home.  However, there are exclusions in every policy, so it will have to be read carefully. For example, family members who live together may be excluded.


If you or a loved one have been injured in a hunting accident, call us for a free consultation. Our personal injury lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience representing people throughout Minnesota. We will discuss your case with you and explain the insurance issues. The primary focus of our lawyers is to make sure you receive appropriate compensation. This includes medical bills paid, lost wages reimbursed, and future needs provided for. In many cases, there can be a dispute as to how the accident happened. We work with experienced investigators to get the facts straight.  There is no charge if you do not receive compensation.

We have offices in Minneapolis, Woodbury and Edina where you can meet a lawyer. Our injury attorneys also make home and hospital visits throughout Minnesota.