Disability Compensation From Accident Injury


Our lawyers help people who have been injured in an accident caused by another person. We pursue a claim against the other person’s insurance to get our clients the compensation they are entitled to. Many of our cases involve an injury requiring surgery. The hope is always that the injured person will make a full recovery, and their life will be close to what it was before the accident.  Unfortunately, even with surgery and other treatment, the result does not always work that way.

Disabled from Accident Injury - Compensation Attorneys
Disabled from Accident Injury – Compensation Attorneys

There are always some serious injury cases where our client cannot go back to work, or has to change careers. Being disabled from work can be devistating. There is an obvious financial impact, but an emotional one as well. One goal of our lawyers is to make sure our client is compensated for this loss.

There are a variety of resources that provide additionl help to people after they have been disabled in an accident. For example, if you were injured on the job, workers compensation insurance will pay benefits, possibly for the rest of your life. In addition, workers compensation will pay to retrain you for a different carreer. Further, in many cases, our clients qualify for Social Security Disability benefits after a serious injury.


The primary focus of our lawyers is to get compensation from the other person who caused the accident. In reality, of course, we are usually pursuing their insurance coverage. Many of our cases come from a car accident where we are going after the other drivers auto insurance. However, permanent disability can arise from many other types of accidents. For example, we handle many construction accident cases, slip and fall cases, dog bite / attacks, gun injuries, and more.

If you have become disabled because you were injured in an accident, call us for a free consultation with an attorney. Our lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience helping people throughout Minnesota get the compensation they need. We will help you with medical bills, lost wages, and much more. The initial consultation is free, and we never charge anything unless we are successful in getting you compensation for your injuries and disabilty.