Walking Hit By Bicycle From Behind Injury Lawyer


Minnesota law does not prohibit sidewalk bike riding unless in a business district or where prohibited by city ordinance. However, the bicycle rider must give an audible signal when passing other pedestrians and yield to other pedestrians on the sidewalk. Despite this law, many bike riders think they just need to give a warning and the person walking then becomes responsible to move.  Our injury lawyers have had several cases where a bike rider hit someone from behind. Unfortunately, we frequently hear excuses like the pedestrian shouldn’t have been walking in the middle of the sidewalk, or should have moved when the bike rider gave a warning.

Just calling out “on your left” is not enough. The bike rider has to yield to the pedestrian.  That is the law. In addition, a bicyclist should move at pedestrian speeds while riding on a sidewalk. That is not a legal requirement, but is best practice to avoid an accident. The impact from a bicycle collision with a person walking on the sidewalk can cause serious injuries. Most of the time, the person will fall when a bike hits them from behind. This can result in a broken bone or even a head injury.

Some people argue that bicycles should not be on sidewalks at all. However, there are situations where being on the sidewalk is important for the bicycle rider. For example, BikeMN recommends that children 10 and under ride on the sidewalk and under the leadership of an adult as they may not yet have developed the physical skills and cognitive ability to navigate roadways. Our bicycle accident lawyers have represented many children who were hit by a car while riding their bicycle.


Hit By Bicycle Injury Lawyers
Hit By Bicycle Injury Lawyers


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