Attacked At Night Club Bar Injured MN Lawyers


Our lawyers have represented a number of people over the last 25 years who were attacked and injured at a night club or bar in Minnesota. Most often, our client was attacked by another customer of the nightclub or bar, but sometimes they have been attacked or injured by a bouncer or night club employee.

When a person is attacked by another customer at a nightclub they usually want to know if they can sue the person who attacked them and also whether there can be a claim against the bar.

Our attorneys will take these nightclub attack injury cases throughout Minnesota and pursue compensation, but there have to be certain facts for a successful claim. There are often two problems with a night club or bar attack injury case: 1) It is usually challenging to actually collect compensation against the customer who attack you at the bar, because they will not have insurance for intentionally injuring someone, and 2) it is challenging to successfully sue the nightclub or bar, because you are trying to hold the nightclub responsible for something someone else did – the customer who attacked another customer.

When you call our office, a lawyer will discuss the details of your situation to see if there is a claim we could pursue successfully for you, to get repaid for medical bills and other compensation for a night club attack.  For example, we will explore if the other customer did not actually intend to hurt you, in which case there could be a homeowners insurance claim against the customer’s policy. Most significantly, our attorneys will look for facts to prove that the nightclub overserved the customer or knew that the customer was dangerous and likely to fight or attack another customer.  In those cases, under Minnesota law, it is often possible for our lawyers to successfully bring a claim against the nightclub or bar and their insurance for compensation. If the customer of the nightclub was drunk the bar should have stopped serving them and MN law can hold the nightclub responsible for related injury to other customers. Likewise, if the customer is known to fight or be violent, the nightclub has a duty to keep the violent customer out of the nightclub for the protection of other customers.

Whether or not you have a case after being attacked or injured at a nightclub or bar depends on the facts of what happened, what the witnesses say, and video that might be available, and other possible evidence. If you find yourself injured by being attacked at a bar or nightclub, call us and speak with a MN personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.