Car Accident No Insurance Do I Still Have a Case


Car Accident Lawyers MN
Car Accident Lawyers MN

It is risky to drive without insurance. If you cause a car accident, you will have no protection. You may damage or total your car and not be able to recover anything for it.  Even worse, you may damage someone else’s car or injure them. They or their insurance can then sue you and you will have to pay it yourself.

But, what if you don’t have car insurance and the other driver is at fault? There are some consequences if you were in an accident without auto insurance, even if you were not at fault. First, you may get a ticket for driving without insurance. Another problem arises if the other driver disputes they were at fault.  In that case, you will not get prompt payment to fix or replace your car. In addition, if you were injured in the crash, you will not get No-Fault coverage for your medical bills and wage loss.

Having said all that, you CAN still sue the other driver who caused the accident. If the other car was at fault, their insurance is responsible for your car damage, medical bills, and more. They cannot hold against you that you did not have your own auto insurance. In fact, if there was a trial, the jury would never even be told about your lack of insurance.


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