Car Accident Lawyers MN – Driver High on Marijuana


Minnesota has legalized marijuana for recreational use. (Although, the law has not taken effect yet. Click here to learn more.) We are the 23rd state to do so. There are many good reasons to legalize marijuana. However, does this create new dangers on the road?

Our car accident lawyers frequently handle drunk driving cases. Oftentimes, these are the most tragic and frustrating cases we handle. It is just senseless when an impaired person gets behind the wheel. They are a danger to themselves and others.

Car Accident Driver Under the Influence
Car Accident Driver Under the Influence

Of course, our lawyers have also handled many cases involving drivers impaired with other substances. However, so far, alcohol has been the most common cause of impaired driving accidents. We obviously have concerns that marijuana impairment will now become more common.


The new law provides $15 million to fund drug recognition training for law enforcement. The MN Public Safety Commissioner will also study an oral roadside test to detect cannabis impairment. In addition, there will be a study to determine how many crashes involve driving under the influence of marijuana. Similar to open container laws, driving while smoking pot will also be illegal.

It is a good thing that the state is taking these precautions. At this point, there is no reason to believe marijuana is more of a treat to driver’s than alcohol. However, anything that impairs a drivers ability is an obvious risk to everyone.

If you are injured in a car accident caused by a driver under the influence, call us for a free consultation. Our lawyers have over 25 years’ experience helping people with car crash injuries throughout Minnesota. We understand the insurance issues and how to make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.