Dog Bite Lawyer MN – Do The Right Thing


Our lawyers frequently get calls from the victim of a dog bite. Those are cases we handle every day. However, we also sometimes get calls from dog owner whose dog just bit someone.  We got one of those calls yesterday.  The caller said his dog bit a neighbor, and now the neighbor hired an attorney.  He was upset that the neighbor hired a lawyer for the dog bite injury. He was upset because he had already “done the right thing.”

This caller said several times in the conversation that he had done the right thing.  Eventually, he said what he had done.  He went to the neighbor’s house, offered to pay their medical bills, and asked for pictures of the dog bite injury.

Dog Bite Attack Injury Lawyers
Dog Bite Attack Injury Lawyers

Our lawyer did not correct the caller on the phone, but we do not agree that he really did the right thing. In our opinion, the right thing when your dog bites someone starts with a sincere apology. “Oh my God! I am so sorry that my dog bit you! Nothing like that has ever happened before. Are you OK?! What can I do to help? ”

A sincere apology should be the starting point of doing the right thing.  Then, follow through on helping.  Go with the neighbor to the hospital, visit the neighbor when they get home, bring food, etc. Also there should be a real discussion, including whether the dog should be put down. That last part is hard, but it has to be considered.


In addition, if the dog bite is more than a puncture wound and is going to leave a real scar, the dog owner should volunteer their homeowners insurance information. Homeowner‘s insurance will cover a dog bite or dog attack.  You should want to make sure the victim is compensated for any permanent scarring or injury, and that future medical treatment will be paid for.

Finally, don’t get mad at the person your dog bit if they hire a lawyer to help them with the claim. Nobody wants their dog to bite someone, and nobody wants to be bitten.  But our lawyers know that dog bite and dog attack incidents happen. Accept responsibility for the situation because it was your dog that bit someone.

Our lawyers represent many people in Minnesota who have been bitten by a dog. Our job is to make sure the dog bite victim is fairly and completely compensated for the injury.  We first make sure medical bills are paid and lost wages are reimbursed. Our dog bite lawyers then focus on compensation for any permanent scarring and possible future medical treatment.