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A University of Minnesota student posted this video on the university sub-Reddit earlier this week. The video shows the student riding an electric scooter on University Avenue Southeast and 17th Avenue Southeast.  He was near campus without the right of way when a car hit him on his scooter.  The student acknowledges in the post’s comments that he was responsible for the crash, but neither the scooter or car were damaged in the accident. “As I was going down University Ave in the right bike lane, I had a slight thought in my head that I could make it across the intersection and make it onto the sidewalk of 17th Ave.”  Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured.

When asked for comment by WCCO news, a university spokesperson referred to campus rules for electric scooter use, including using available bike lanes and obeying traffic laws. This is a good reminder to be respectful of the driving conditions when riding a scooter on busy roads.  It is dangerous enough as it is with so many distracted drivers on the road.


I got hit by a car about a month ago and survived🤷🏽‍♂️ Didn’t get a check tho since it was my fault🤦🏽‍♂️😭 from r/uofmn

At the Rochlin Law Firm, our lawyers represent people every year who have been on a scooter hit by a car or a bicycle hit by a car.  In our cases, it is the car that causes the accident. Many of these accidents cause serious injuries. After an accident injury, the insurance issues are complicated.  It is not just about proving fault, although that can be difficult too. Our top attorneys make sure your medical bills are paid, lost wages are reimbursed, and our clients are fully compensated for their injuries.