Accidental Gun Shot Injury Homeowners Insurance Lawyer MN


Our lawyers have been receiving more calls over the last few years from people injured in a gun accident. Typically, the person who was accidentally shot has medical bills and may need reimbursement for time missed from work. In addition, they might have ongoing health issues or physical limitations. In Minnesota, it is possible to receive compensation for an accidental gunshot injury.

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Gun Accident Injury Lawyer

Hopefully, the gun owner has homeowners’ insurance.It often surprises people to learn that homeowners’ insurance may cover an accidental gunshot injury. If you own a gun, you can get a specific rider for the gun on your homeowners insurance, or a separate policy to cover the gun. Any homeowners insurance policy could cover a gun accident injury, but not all of them do.Some homeowners policies have strict exclusions that can affect injuries caused by a gun accident. However, it really depends on the language of the insurance policy. Many homeowners policies will cover a gunshot accident, even if the gun is not specifically insured.

We had one case where a gun went off while the owner was cleaning it and shot someone nearby.We also recently had a case where someone shot a cat and the bullet when through the cat and hit a person.

In addition to handgun cases, our lawyers also get calls about shotgun and rifle cases while hunting in Minnesota. Fortunately, hunting accidents are rare.But, they do happen.


If you were injured in an accidental gunshot incident in MN, call us for a free consultation with a lawyer. It is very important to get the contact information of any witnesses. Also, save the gun or shotgun in the same condition it was in at the time of the accident.Don’t clean or fix it in any way.In most cases, the police will come and take the gun for evidence.

An experienced personal injury attorney will discuss the facts of your case with you.We will then advise you of your rights to get your medical bills paid and other compensation. We have several offices to meet you in the Twin Cities, but we handle cases throughout Minnesota.