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In this time of COVID-19 and the governor’s “shelter-in-place” order, there are more people outside than ever before. People are walking, running, or playing in their yard.  This means that dogs are getting outside more as well.  Many people are even adopting new pets.  And while people are keeping their distance from each other, there will still be interaction with dogs, particularly if the dog gets out of the yard onto the street.

With more outdoor activity than is typical this time of year, it is important for everyone — dog owners and non-owners alike — to educate themselves on dog bite prevention. When a dog gets out of the yard, there is more liklihood of an attack or other injury. Our dog bite lawyers have seen more cases this year than ever.

Bog Bite Lawyers
Bog Bite Lawyers

When Approaching a Dog on the Street:

  • Always ask the owner’s permission before approaching and petting a dog. The owner should know if the dog is one that is safe to pet or not, or can advise you on how the dog likes to be petted.
  • If the owner gives you permission to pet the dog, approach from the side and squat down – especially if it’s a small dog. However, be careful to keep your face back.
  • Offer your hand with the fingers curled up and let the dog sniff you first. If the dog doesn’t move away, then you know that he’s relaxed and doesn’t mind you petting him.
  • Pet the dog just over the shoulder. Do not pet the dog’s head, feet or tail, as these are sensitive areas for some dogs.
  • If you are approached by an unleashed dog, stand still like a tree. Do NOT run away or lean over to pet the dog until you see how the dog reacts to you.
  • Do not approach or pet a dog that is tied up, is behind a fence, or through a car window.
  • Never hug or kiss a dog, as many dogs don’t like it or feel threatened by it.

Tips for Dog Owners Taking Their Dog Outside:

  • If you decide to care for a puppy, make sure to train and socialize it early so it is relaxed around other people.
  • Do not let children mistreat or abuse your dog. Be sure that they learn to treat dogs with respect and love.
  • Make sure your dog isn’t in a position where it feels threatened.
  • Do not let your dog run freely and unaccompanied. When a dog gets out of the yard it is more likely to attack someone on the street.
  • Be sure that your dog receives regular veterinary care. Dogs that are sick or injured are generally more likely to bite.
  • If someone approaches your dog, ask them to wait and let your dog sniff and familiarize themselves with the person before petting the dog.

Dogs are great companions; they provide us with love, protection, support and comfort. Nevertheless, it is up to the dog owner to properly train and socialize their dog, and for others to approach a dog with care. By utilizing these safety tips, we can safeguard ourselves, our loved ones, and our own dogs from the severe consequences of dog bites and other violent situations.

At the Rochlin Law Firm, our attorneys handle many dog bite cases every year.  We pursue claims against the dog owner’s homeowner insurance to recover medical bills, lost wages, compensation for scars, and more. The dog bite does not have to occur in the home. Insurance will cover a dog bite on the street or a park. If you or someone you know has been injured by a dog, please contact us.