Injury Lawyer Injured By Intoxicated Person


Alcohol can be a problem in many situations. The first situation that comes to mind is drinking and driving.  Drunk drivers are common on the road, and they are a hazard to society.  Our lawyers have been involved in many cases where a drunk driver has completely changed the lives of host of people.  It is not just the people in the car hit by a drunk driver. The lives of the victims family, friends, business associates, and others are completely turned upside down.  Not to mention the life of the drunk driver and his family.

Intoxicated Person Causes Injury
Intoxicated Person Causes Injury

However, drunk driver is not nearly the end of the story when it comes to alcohol injuries. Our attorneys have had several cases where alcohol was combined with a firearm, resulting in a tragic outcome. It should be obvious to any responsible gun owner that they cannot drink and hold a gun at the same time. Nonetheless, this apparently happens with some frequency. Even being in the same room as a gun when you are intoxicated seems to cause serious risk. Alcohol leads to impaired coordination and motor skills, and also impaired jugdment. In many cases, the gun would not have been used at all if not for the alcohol.


Our personal injury lawyers have also represented many people injured because a drunk assaulted them. In most of those cases, we have to bring the case against the bar that overserved the drunk person. Minnesota has a law that holds the bar responsible if they overserve someone who then injures another person. Unfortunately, we often cannot successfully sue the assailant directly in those cases because they don’t have money and insurance doesn’t cover intentional acts. However, there have been some cases where we have successfully brought claims directly against the drunk person.


If you have been injured by someone who was intoxicated, call us for a free consultation. Our injury lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience representing people throughout Minnesota. An attorney will listen to what happened and explain your rights to you. The primary focus of our lawyers is to make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries.