Meningitis Outbreak in Minnesota

MENINGITIS INFECTION MN LAWYER The Rochlin Law Firm, Ltd. is currently taking cases for people injured in the meningitis outbreak associated with epidural steroid injections for back pain. The bad steroids were produced by the New England Compounding Center (NECC). As of today, 5 cases of meningitis have been confirmed in Minnesota. So far, more than 200 people have fallen […]

Waivers — what you may not know.

DON’T SIGN WAIVERS At a recent meeting with other attorneys, I was surprised to find out many of them didn’t know that liability waivers are enforced in Minnesota. They are! Waivers are often on the front page of forms that you sign and are usually in bold print. They can be used for activities, transportation, and the purchase of goods. […]

When Technology Intersects with Privacy:

TECHNOLOGY AND PRIVACY FACEBOOK POSTS USED IN INSURANCE CLAIM – MN LAWYER Technology can be both helpful — and scary. There was an interesting article recently in the StarTribune about police use of unmanned aerial drones. Drones were initially used to revolutionize modern warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan. In North Dakota, the police used an unmanned drone to assist in […]

Interesting New Political App!

NEW POLITICAL APP Our personal injury lawyers are fascinated by new technology. We are particularly interested in medical developments and car accident advancements. But technology continues to amaze in so many areas. Just yesterday we heard of a new app that tells the user which super PACS are funding a particular political ad. “PAC” stands for political action committee. Political […]

Should there be a limit on punitive damage awards?

WHAT ARE PUNITIVE DAMAGES AND WHY SHOULD ANYONE HAVE TO PAY THEM? Our civil justice system holds individuals and corporations accountable for their conduct. In most cases, if a party accidentally injures another person or damages property, they pay compensation to the injured person for the losses he or she sustained. “If you break it, you fix it.” However, in […]

An update on the Minnesota Judicial System

COURT SYSTEM ANNUAL REPORT We are firm believers in the American Justice system.  The rule of law and our judicial system help to protect our freedom and distinguishes our country from many others. In fact, rule of law is crucial to our safety and prosperity. A primary focus of our firm’s law practice is personal injury.  The right to receive […]

Making sure your college-age child is covered under your automobile insurance policy.

IS MY COLLEGE CHILD COVERED UNDER MY AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE? Imagine these real-life nightmare scenarios involving your college-age child: (Our car accident lawyers have encountered several cases like these): 1. Your daughter is walking with friends on campus. While crossing the street, she is struck and badly injured by a speeding vehicle. She incurs significant medical bills, but the careless driver […]

You’re In A Car Accident? Now What Do You Do?

WHAT TO DO AFTER AN AUTO ACCIDENT  Your actions immediately following a car crash can affect your health, safety, and legal rights. Our Minnesota personal injury attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of auto accident injury claims for over 25 years. This is our advice on what you should do after a collision: Turn off your vehicle. You don’t know the […]