Reckless Teenage Driver Has Tragic Consequences



Teenage Driver Car Accident Lawyers MN

In the last year, our lawyers have represented several teenagers or their families in Minnesota car crash cases caused by reckless a teenage driver. Unfortunately, most of these cases have been seriously tragic, resulting in permanent injuries, traumatic brain injury, and death. In most of the cases, the teenage reckless driving occurred late at night and the driver was trying to show off.  In addition, there is often alcohol involved. Unfortunately, a teenager just doesn’t seem to have developed an appreciation for the danger of their actions and what the lifelong consequences can be.


In recent years, new laws have been passed in Minnesota to address the issue of reckless teenage drivers.  One example is Vanessa’s Law, named after a teenage girl killed as a passenger in a car driven by another teenager.  More recently, the requirement for hours of supervised driving before getting a vehicle license has been increased for teen drivers.  The MN Department of Public Safety has an entertaining video explaining the new laws.  You can check it out by clicking here. However, despite the good intention of these laws, tragic car accidents involving a teenage driver continue to happen.

Hopefully these new laws will eventually have an effect and make teenager car accidents less frequent.

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