Other Drivers Information After Car Accident – MN Lawyer


Drivers involved in a car crash bear certain legal responsibilities under Minnesota law, including the requirement to provide identifying information, such as name, address, date of birth, and the vehicle’s license plate number. See Minnesota Statute 169.09(3). In addition, at the request of any person involved in the collision or the investigating officer, the driver must give the name and address of the vehicle’s insurer and the insurance agent. Id. But a driver’s duties beyond these notice provisions vary depending upon the type of collision. If bodily injury or death results or an occupied vehicle is struck, the driver must stop and remain on the scene. Id. If an unoccupied vehicle is involved, the driver must locate the owner, report the accident to a police officer, or leave a note with identifying information. The failure to abide by these duties may result in serious civil and criminal penalties. See Minnesota Statute §169.09(14).

The police must be called whenever there is any auto accident injury, and they are required to prepare a report. See Minnesota Statute Section 169.09(8).  The report must be provided upon request to any party involved in the accident or their representatives. Id. The charge for the report is $5.

If you are injured in a car accident in Minnesota, it is very important that you exchange information with the other driver.  If the other driver refuses or drives away, try to at least get their license plate number to report to the police.  The most common reason the other driver will flee the scene is if they were driving intoxicated or driving with a revoked license. If the other driver refuses to provide information, the police should find them and impose the appropriate penalties.  You may also be entitled to uninsured motorist coverage from your own auto insurance, but before you will qualify for that, you will have had to make a good faith attempt to obtain the information from the driver of the other car so your insurance company can go after them too. Our car accident lawyers have represented many people throughout MN in cases where the other vehicle was uninsured or the driver fled the scene.