Description of Walker Hit By Car Injury – MN Car Accident Lawyers


Our lawyers have represented hundreds of people injured in a car accident, including pedestrian hit by a car on the road. Our focus is to make sure that our clients are fully compensated for their injuries, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering from an accident is the most challenging aspect of compensation to get for our clients because it takes some skill to make an insurance company or an insurance adjuster understand what another person has gone through.  It requires our attorney to work closely with the client to help the client really recall and relate what they went through.

We recently came across a radio interview with Stephen King where he describes the time he was hit by a car while he was walking on the side of the road.  Stephen King is a successful novelist who is very good at setting scenes and describing what people are feeling.  In the interview he likewise does a great job describing his car accident and what he went through because of the serious injuries he received from being run over.  Click here to listen to the interview.

If you have been injured in a car crash or you have been hit by a car while walking or running in Minnesota, call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation. An attorney will answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected. We will also work closely with you to hear what you have experienced and communicate that to the insurance company or jury so that you are fully compensated for what you have gone through, and will have to deal with in the future because of your auto accident injuries.