Fell In Parking Lot Injury Lawyers


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Fall Injury in Parking Lot

Our lawyers frequently handle cases against parking lot owners. These are always difficult cases. However, the injury from falling in a parking lot can be serious. There may be significant medical bills, time off from work, and other repercussions.

You want to hold the property owner responsible when someone is injured. However, the owner is not automatically responsible just because someone fell on their property.The parking lot owner is only responsible if they did something wrong that resulted in someone being hurt. That is what our lawyers must prove. In addition, we must show the accident is not our client’s fault. For example, when the insurance company argues our clients should have looked where they were going.

Many parking lots in Minnesota are poorly maintained. The combination of weather changes and usage is hard on a parking lot.However, that also means the owner needs to pay more attention. When cracks develop in a parking lot, they need to be filled. In the winter, the parking lot needs to be cleared promptly after a snow, and ice must be treated. Many parking lot cases our attorneys handle involve poor lighting. That would be a fairly easy fix.


Most of our fell in parking lot injury cases involve a broken bone requiring surgery. Our lawyers often see a broken hip or broken leg from a parking lot fall. However, sometimes it is the wrist or another body part. The medical bills from surgery and rehabilitation are expensive. There are often other financial ramifications as well. The primary focus of our top lawyers is to get you financial compensation for your injury.

Before we can sue the owner of the parking lot, our lawyers need evidence to support your case. The starting point is photos of the area where you fell. A successful case depends on showing that the condition that caused your fall was worse than other parking lots. Is it beyond what would be expected in Minnesota?We also try to find witnesses that will support your case.This can be people who actually saw your fall, people that came afterwards to help you, or people who are familiar with that parking lot.

We also must show that it was not more your fault for not seeing the thing that caused your fall. This may be because of lighting conditions, reasonable distractions, or a hidden condition.

If you have been injured by falling in a parking lot, call us for a free consultation with a lawyer.Our MN attorneys will discuss your case with you and determine if we have sufficient facts to pursue a claim against the owner of the property.